Taking the bull by the horns


I love owning and operating The Smokey Crystal, LLC.  Not once have I had a day that I did not want to go into work, not one day have I disliked what I do.  I only have stress over finances because, let’s face it, running a small metaphysical shop doesn’t offer a windfall of cash immediately.  It takes dedication, invention, hustling, and love.  When I first received the message that we should open, I had a couple parameters that I asked from my guides.  I wanted to be easily accessible from all four direction, near the freeway, and had ample parking.  I received everything I asked for but it left me in a strip mall that doesn’t face the street.  Furthermore, it left me with a small sign at the street that is easily overlooked and doesn’t say anything about who we are.  I don’t complain, I just keep reinventing, hustling, and reaching out in love.  Then the other day I happened across a beam of light that could possibly signal the ability to make the change we desperately need so we can continue to help the community.
Mission Main St Grant

Chase Bank offers an opportunity for 20 small businesses to receive $150K to grow their small business.  I have applied, application has been accepted.  The next step is to gain 250 votes.  They want to know that people really do like what you are doing, that you know how to market yourself, and that there is an interest in what you are doing/selling.  I just started seeking votes yesterday and am at 11 so far.  I am continuing to reach out to everyone though.  All that read this blog, if you could please click through and vote (https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/42123), it would be appreciated.


To explain I own and operate The Smokey Crystal, LLC (www.smokeycrystal.com).  It is a metaphysical/holistic store based in the Downriver area of Michigan (about 20 min south of Detroit).  We reach out to the community to try and help with education, fund raising, promotion, healing, guidance, and direction.  We have recently began supporting a non-profit organization called M.C.C.S. (www.michccs.com) who’s idea is to bring Unity back to Community.  I ask that if you find it in your heart, please click through and vote (https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/42123)to help us continue to help others.  We grow with the support and love of the community and community isn’t just local, it is global.

Bright Blessings to all!


Smokey Crystal

Mission Main St Grant


About fancyanna330

Proud Mom and Pagan in the Detroit area of MI working hard to make a difference.
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