One month into my lifestyle change

So, I just looked back over the online program I have been using to track my weight loss (, it’s free) and I have been at this for a month.  It has been saying every day that if I continue eating like I am, given my current weight, I should be down 30 pounds from my starting weight in a week.  I know the last time I posted on here I had lost 10 lbs.  I will not be weighing myself for 2 more months.  I track my weight at my rheumatologists office and I am not due back to him until November.  So…how to I measure what I am doing then?

I have been keeping well under my sugar, carb, and calorie goals.  I have been asked by my cardiologist to reduce the sodium intake too.  Reducing the sodium has been the hard part as that stuff seem to be in everything.  I have been doing what exercise my body will allow me to do.  I had some setbacks this month as I returned to my ob/gyn and had a new IUD put in.  I use the Mirena which has to be changed every 5 years.  That was a difficult and painful procedure due to my size and the fact that my weight appears to be dropping lower in my abdomen.  I needed about a week and a half to recover from it, but I am back to exercising without skipping a beat (even exercised in the restroom at the restaurant today…lol), even extending the repetitions and/or the number of times I work out each day.

By the end of the day I realize I am feeling a little bit stronger and am more optimistic.  It finally feels like I have found something I can do and I am loving every moment of it.  I am still having some physical issues (like my right foot flared up again for no reason which makes it extremely difficult to walk or stand for any period of time) but I continue to push on.

I would be extremely excited if by February I was down 50-75 lbs.  Although the program tells me how fast I should be loosing weight, I am realistic and think it will take me a bit longer to get where I want to go.  I will gladly take 2-5 lbs a month.

As for any physical changes, outside of the increased muscle strength, I am noticing a slight decrease in my abdomen.  This is a good thing, then on the down side, I am noticing more easily a hernia that will have to be conquered when I get to a healthier weight.  One thing at a time.  I have a history of having difficulty in surgery and I have 2 surgeries I need (hysterectomy and hernia repair) and one I am thinking I may want (gastric sleeve).  We will see what insurance will do about skin removal surgery when that bridge is crossed.

So, what else has been happening?  Work is picking back up (  I love helping people and seeing the smiles when someone brings a handful of stones to the counter or a choice selection of beautiful smelling incense.  Our non-profit ( is gaining ground.  We have enough to file for our 501(c)3 status now.  We just have to finish getting through the business plan (not my first plan, just a LONG process…lol).  We have begun looking around where we may be able to procure a building to put MCCS in.  That will come in due time, got some wonderful plans there to keep it going for years to come. 

Outside of that, my guides have been waking me up at night and spitting pages of a fiction book out of me.  I am about 3 regular pages into it with much more of the story to come.  The only hint I can give is that it is about the life of a girl. 😀  I have another book to work on, a life story to write, and 3 class materials along with a ritual to write for Michigan Convocation ( in February (whether they get chosen or not).  I am also reworking the classes I have been teaching at Smokey Crystal which should begin by the 3rd weekend in September.  If this wasn’t enough writing, I am working on adding in transcription work on the side.

Now everyone knows why I haven’t been on Facebook much anymore…lol.  I hope everyone has a blessed day and a fantastic week.  I hope to see all sorts of wonderful people at Smokey Crystal this week, I love keeping busy!



About fancyanna330

Proud Mom and Pagan in the Detroit area of MI working hard to make a difference.
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4 Responses to One month into my lifestyle change

  1. Danielle says:

    So so PROUD of you!! Keep up the fabulous work!! ❤ When all else fails, re-read that rambling message I sent you on FB a bit ago. I will see you Wednesday & remind you again how much you rock!

    • fancyanna330 says:

      I appreciate the message you sent before. It is nice to see that someone else conquered the weight naturally and was successful. Of course it is a lifetime investment and we always have slip up’s now and again, but as long as we continue moving forward and improving ourselves, it’s all good. I look forward to your visit!

  2. You are so strong, much more so than even you know! I’ve also been making changes in the past years and still have a lot to do. I’m much older than you are, but I believe it’s never too late to make healthy changes. Continued good health to you!

    • fancyanna330 says:

      No, it’s never too late to make changes. I don’t know if you know how old I am, but I am 42. Certainly age plays a factor in weight loss, but it isn’t impossible. It’s never too late to get healthier. I appreciate the confidence in my strength. Sometimes I don’t feel so strong, but I keep moving forward. Good luck on your journey and I’m sure you can do it! 🙂

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