Going to the Modified Beach of Time

Sit in a comfortable, quiet place making sure your phone is on silent. If you feel comfortable in doing so, now is the time to put some music on. Close your eyes and go to your basic psychic level. Tell yourself that “you are going to go to the “Beach of Enlightenment.”

Once you are meditated down visualize a door in front of you.  When you open the door you see a stone spiral staircase.  You begin to travel down the staircase, one step at a time.  You feel the first step, the coolness of the stone walls beneath your hands, the smoothness of the stone beneath your feet.  You continue to take the second step, then the third.  Noticing a bit of light at the bottom of the stairs you feel some grains of sand on the third step that the breeze has carried in over the years.  You continue down, fourth step, fifth, at the sixth step you see the bottom, only one more step, you can see the archway and feel the warmth of the suns rays coming through.  You take the seventh step and walk through the archway into the sand.  The sand is beautiful, warm, and peaceful.  The sun is bright but not blinding, there are enough clouds to keep the day comfortable with a few birds flying around in the distance.  You see the lake in the near distance at the edge of the sand.  The lake is calm and peaceful, gently lapping at the shoreline with the gentle breeze.

When you start to look around, you see that from your left, all the way around to your right is a sheer mountain of beautiful colored stone.  Spend a few moments enjoying the beauty and warmth of this magnificent place. Feel the peacefulness.

This feels like your perfect oasis. 

You find a comfortable place on the beach, sit down and relax.  While sitting there, you say, “I would like my spirit guide(s) to come visit with me now.”  Allow yourself time to relax and be patient with them.  Someone or something may appear, allow yourself to hear what they have to say.  Listen with your mind, not your ears.  Alternatively, you can say, “I would like my God and/or Goddess to come visit with me now.”  Again, be patient and open to their arrival, once again listening with your mind.  Give yourself time to listen and converse with whomever appears, knowing that you are in a safe space to commune with them.

You don’t want to keep them all day as they have other work to do too.  Thank them for their presence and aid.  Ask them to continue to guide and help you even when you are not in meditation and bid them a fond farewell.

Once they have departed, remind yourself that you can return here anytime you wish.  Now you are going to walk back over to the archway, heading back up the stairs.  You step on the first step and feel that familiar cool stone with a little bit of sand on the step.  You take the fifth step, then the fourth, now the third.  You feel the coolness of the stonework, no more sand on the steps, nor can you see the archway behind you but you can see the doorway in front of you.  You take the second step, then the first.  Taking the handle by the door, you turn the knob and walk back into the quiet room.  You take a few steps, closing the door behind you.  You start to feel your body again, taking time to feel your feet, then your legs, next your arms and hands.  Finally your eyes and head.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths and open your eyes when you are ready.  Take a few moments to digest your experience, then if you need to move from your position, do so slowly and turn off your music.  Now is a good time to journal your experience so you can compare it to what you experience next time.

First, let me tell you that each person’s experience is individual and unique.  Some people end up going up the stairs instead of down; others see night instead of day.  None of this is wrong; it is what you make of it.  The point is to find a safe, peaceful place where your guides and/or the divine feel comfortable in approaching you as you feel comfortable in being approached.  Second, whatever music you use, make sure it is instrumental (without lyrics) and it makes you feel comfortable.  If it Bach’s 5th symphony or the sound of water lapping against a shoreline, it’s okay.  It is about something that makes you feel relaxed and takes the everyday sounds away from your mind for a little while.  Finally, it does not matter if the meditation is 5 minutes or 20 minutes, again, it is about what works for you.  Ideal is 15 minutes, but some people can go as long as 20 or 30 minutes while others are antsy after 10 minutes.  Do not beat yourself up if you cannot sit in one place for too long, it will happen, you have to give yourself time.


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Proud Mom and Pagan in the Detroit area of MI working hard to make a difference.
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  1. I love this meditation, Anna!

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