Breaking the ties that bind: Energy cord cutting

We encounter many people in our lives.  Everyone we get emotionally close to leaves what some call an etheric cord between him/her and ourselves.  The closer that person is emotionally, the larger and stronger the cord.  These “cords” act like tubing that transmits energy between each person.  “Cords are a method of high speed communication and sharing energy. Healthy cords create a nurturing sharing of information and energy. Unhealthy cords can be a huge drain or a means of control.”  This is how sometimes when your child or partner is ill or stressed, you can feel it, or you feel drained and tired during that time as well.

Sometimes fear and insecurity can create cords that can keep us close to that which we are trying to get away from.  “The fear may be characterized as co-dependency, attachments, fear of abandonment, or feeling unforgiven, and more (Virtue, September 2011).”  You can recognize these cords by the inability to get away from that thing that you are trying so hard to remove yourself from.

Not all is lost; you can remove yourself from the unwanted attachments in your life through two methods.  The first is cord cutting.  Cutting Cords doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you or care about you anymore (Virtue, D, 2011).”  “Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships (Virtue, D, 2011).”  It just means you are moving forward to heal yourself and by doing so, you are releasing yourself from that which no longer works for you.  However, “unless you resolve the underlying reason why you corded in the first place, the cords could keep coming back (McKell, B, 2008).”

Now I am sure it is easy at this point to think, “If they just keep coming back, what’s the point?”  Well, if you are seeking a change, this is the first step in realizing these cords need to be cleared.  Next is understanding why the attachments happened.  Then you need to go about fixing what was wrong that created the attachment.  Finally, you will be able to free yourself from the attachments of the past and move forward to a bright and beautiful future.

We don’t grow up with the thought in our mind that we want to be with someone who is going to beat on us or put us down every day.  We dream about being swept away to a magical world where life is going to be perfect.  What we seem to have forgotten from those magical storybooks and movies we have seen and read so much about growing up is that getting to that beautiful life was a struggle, filled with difficulties and obstacles that were learned from along the way.  None of it is insurmountable, as I still believe nothing in our path is more than we can handle, but unless we are like that quiet mouse carefully watching everything, or just blessed with a golden road, we are bound to be tripped up now and again with some struggles along the way to happiness.  Once we overcome these struggles, we are ready to free ourselves from them and move forward to our happy ending.

To begin to release these cords, you must start with meditation.  If you find your mind wandering during meditation, start your meditation by focusing on one object that you like along with listening to a musical piece without words that you enjoy.  The object that you choose could be a stone, a picture, a figurine, etc.  While looking at it, focus your mind; take in all the details of that object.  Don’t let your mind wander while focusing on this object.  At first, you may only be able to focus for about 5 minutes before your mind begins to intrude on all the “other things” that you could be doing.  Don’t become discouraged, this is a good start.  At minimum, do this exercise at least 3 times a week, each time trying to add 1-5 minutes.  Once you have yourself built up to about 30 minutes of calm focused meditation, you can begin to work on releasing the binding cords.

Find a quiet, private place, meditate and focus on your abdomen.  As you do so, you will begin to notice many different tubes coming out of your body leading off into what appears to be nothingness.  Do not be alarmed, these are the ethereal cords.  All the cords may appear to be a misty white color, some could have different colors, and some will be smaller than others.  As you look at them, you may recognize (have in instinctual impression) where some of these cords go to, others you may not.  You can put your hand around these cords and feel the energy running through them, from this energy you can tell who the cord belongs too.  You should do the cord meditation 3 – 4 times to fully understand and see what is there before you begin cutting anything.  Once you are comfortable with what you see and you know whom all these cords belong to, you can do one of two things:

1) You can imagine a good pair of scissors in your hand that you will use to “cut” the unnecessary cords from you, or

2) You can wrap your hand around the unwanted cords, gently pull them from your body and “plant” them into the ground.

Either way you are accomplishing the same goal, to rid your body of the unwanted attachments.  Take your time when releasing these cords, really look them over and understand why that attachment was there and why you are ready or need to let it go.  Thank the universe for bringing you to this point of release.  Then when you are ready, cut the cord and let it go or pull it gently and plant it into the ground.  I will warn you that this is a VERY emotional process.  It is okay to cry, it is even okay if you only let go of a couple at a time.  The point of this exercise is to remove the bad cords, grow and learn from it as you release them so you can heal and move forward toward better things.

Once you have released the unnecessary cords, review the cords that you left attached.  Take a moment to feel the love from these cords, allow that loving energy to comfort you during this time as these “wounds” heal.  Make sure you forgive yourself for allowing the “bad cords” to have developed.  You have now released yourself of the cords that were attached to people whom have drained you for however long you have known them.  When you are ready, feel free to rejoice in this since of freedom.  Now that you are free, you that can shine brighter with renewed energy and optimism.

Many bright blessings to you along your journey.

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